My Approach

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It is my belief in the inherent dignity of all people and their need to be truly heard that provides the framework for my work. Each person is unique and from this person-centered beginning I integrate many different techniques to find the best way to help each individual client. The techniques used are empirically based and well documented. I am committed to being honest, respectful and non-judging. I am also committed to ongoing study and research in order to be well equipped for this help at all times. My approach is based on Interpersonal Process, Cognitive, and Emotion Focused therapies that are strongly influenced by Neurobiology and Attachment Theory. I attend to the whole person, integrating psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our work together will always be a team effort. Together we will process your current experiences and search for connections between different areas of your life, exploring, reflecting on and reframing perceptions of both the present and the past. This way we can address the root causes of the issues and identify the coping behavior that is not working. We will also develop skills for you to use in managing your present concerns.